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The response to the tour in North Dakota and the far reaches of Minnesota (Ely for instance) has been strong. That in itself is not surprising though the readers come from the four corners – New England, Florida, San Diego and Washington. More surprising is (more…)

All is well under the sun! The events at Western Edge in Medora, at Books on Broadway in Williston, and Main Street Books in Minot prove the voracity of North Dakota readers (including visitors to the state). Thank you to the INDIE-bookstores and INDEPENDENT THINKING readers!

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with Lake Stories and Other Tales (more…)

The Road Trip: Day four

Posted: July 29, 2016 by timjollymore in On the Road

Denver Day

First, there’s Malcom, aged 16, a persuasive, gentle presence. No dog since Gypsy-of-the-top-set-eyes, our dog of the ’80s has touched the soft-spot animal-button of my psyche. My hosts left me alone my only night there and Malcom followed me first to watch me brush my teeth, the to change into my pajamas, saying with his eyes, “You’re not leaving, too, are you? Tell me you’re staying.”

I was staying but didn’t want to sleep with Malcom, so I closed the bedroom door. Before I turned page 13 of my book, Malcom was barking his raspy song of loneliness, just as my son had described it. It took only a touch to calm and reassure Malcom that I was still there. After that I left the door open. All was well. Here is why the little guy touched my heart:Day 4 10 Malcom Any doubt?

And if that is not enough, the tour de force from a dog equivalent to a 116 year old dude is what he leaves behind. Day 4 11 Malcom Diaper Malcom and his diaper.

Denver scenes and buildings in the Cheesman Park area:

and more with an added cautionary image on the importance of proper boulevard tree care and trimming.

And a final Finnish touch the mile high city which wouldn’t be complete without

Day 4 2

If luxury, fitness centers, pools and heated parking doesn’t do it, saunas will. RENT IT!

The Road Trip: Day three

Posted: July 28, 2016 by timjollymore in On the Road, Uncategorized

The miracle of radio and telephone?

My second novel, Observation Hill, a novel of class and murder, nominated for the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards this year, 2016,  drew some media attention which culminated today in a live interview with Lisa Johnson of KUMD (miracle)-radio 103.3 FM in Duluth. If you missed the live broadcast, you can still tune in through otra milagra de vida modernaTHE CLICK.  (Scroll past the book’s cover to the play button).

My studio was Aunt Marylyn’s patio on this fresh Colorado morning. Via the miraculous cell phone, Lisa posed her extemporaneous questions (fresh to me), and I,  well rested as a cat on the pavement, from my sleep in a honest-to-goodness bed did as well to supply the answers.

The first review came from a reader in Duluth who, trimming trees from the roof of an apartment building on 15th Avenue East at the time, accidentally tuned in. “You did good,” he texted (yet another wonder).

The road events may speak for themselves:

Note: The state of Colorado shows its pride in the first pic, No Name Rest Stop (mile post 119 on I70) by constructing walls and building from natural stone found nearby. The veranda stone matches the bluffs in the upper left of the picture.

My wonderful Aunt (best friend to my mother, Elizabeth) showed me the town, Grand Junction. She treated me like Italian royalty–is there such a thing–at Il Bistro Italiano.

We took a short art tour of Grand Junction looking at the civic sculptures. The bare breasted Venus Rising (not pictured) has raised the hackles of at least one vociferous grandmother, “I won’t bring my grandchildren down here to see this!” I think she meant “these.” Of the others pictured here you can decide for yourself which I liked. I’m pictured

at “Chrome on the Range” with my Aunt Marylyn.