Petterson Pages

If you have read my posts, you already know that Out Stealing Horses has become one of my topics.  This page might be a bit premature, but since I have decided to read through the book one more time – a thing that is most unusual for me, or was before I started allowingmy own time to write – I foresee the need to keep things organized.  Perhaps I will write several pieces on Out Stealing Horses or other books of Petterson’s that I read.  I already have a couple of topics I have started on.  So, my “Petterson Pages” will nest below this page heading.

I  dance around the topic of spoilers. If you are a reader who loves immersion, and who doesn’t, I don’t want your fun to be ruined. But you already know I have read the book once.  I won’t be able to shelter you from what I see as the honest truth.  Who knows, it might make your brief journey through rural parts of Norway more exciting than otherwise it would.


Tell it like it is!

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