What is happening here?

In ancient times – I was 19 – still stiff with small-town manners, I was greeted by the coolest dude at my first college party with a line from Bob Dylan: “Something is going on here and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?”

Never mind that less was really happening than I feared, and never mind that since I was soon to jump on the Tim Leary bandwagon, I would know all too well what was going on right then – too late, I suppose, to rescue my injured ego – but let me spare you the deflation and self-loathing my hick-town self wrestled with all that night and for a week after, by revealing right away what is, or what I think is, going on here.

Jollymore is a person, me, and a place for me to put some ideas out.  Pretty simple.  The form? Short stories, essays, reviews, a scene or two from a play, and excerpts from or a serial form of a novel.  Right now I am thinking mostly about Out Stealing Horses.  I will be writing about it long after you and until I get tired of it.  That might be a while.

If I said, “Keep coming back,” would it make any difference? Just do.


  1. jamil says:

    Ola Tim, sou, Jamil. Aquele brasileiro apaixonado pelo Lake Marritt. Bom, estava pesquisando você e descobri este site. Abraços, quando poder me escreve


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