Post-eclipse angst?

Posted: August 23, 2017 by Jollymore in On Books, On the Road, On the street, Uncategorized
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I’m lingering in Duluth. The eclispe-that-never-happened is on no one’s mind here though the echo of the librarian’s microphoned voice has barely dissipated.

I’ve begun my revision of Twelve: lives with(out) drink, pulling back on that author-horse that wants to run away with the wagon. No galloping. Two solid hours a day at Duluth Public (Main) library, and, then, do whatever you want.Duluth_Public_Libaray

Want to know? Cleaning the basement. Seeking good smoked fish. Roller skating. Viewing Sami Blood (Thursday).

I appear, remember, at Brewed Awakenings coffee house, 5:30 Friday, and Village Bookstore, Saturday, both in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Back in Duluth on Sunday, I could see you at the new Zenith Bookstore in West Duluth, 1:00 pm.  Send or bring a friend.


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