From Solstice to Equinox and afar

Posted: August 15, 2017 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

Solstice Tour ended with book lovers in Minacqua and a crowd, all day long, celebrating art and literature in Bayfield.

So the Equinox begins with the big event, Hoghead Days in Proctor, August 19 (forecast for sun after T-storms Friday) and winds through bookstores in the north and west, on to FinnFest 2017 in Minneapolis, through more independent bookstores in Iowa and Wisconsin, and ends back in St. Paul with the Twin Cities Rain Taxi book fair, October 13-14.

Follow along. The itinerary will appear here in pieces as it approaches along with reporting on what needs telling from the road.

Item one already shared on Tim Jollymore.facebook is the film SAMI BLOOD, sami blood  a film opening Thursday, August 24, at Zinema 2, 7 pm, in Duluth. If you’re in town, come. Meet me in the lobby.



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