The sense of an ending and an ERRORIST

Posted: July 9, 2017 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

“‘The time has come,’ the walrus said . . .” to think of returning for a rest. But first there are miles to go,  people to meet (see the schedule following), and a story to relate which has to do with the OBSERVATION HILL back-blurb and a word new to me: “errorist.”

On the back cover of OH, a novel of class and murder it says,

“[Paul] learns that the key to everything lies in catching the illusive Ingstrom.” (Italics added for this post).

No, it was not a mistake. What the “errorist” at my presentation  (the term coined, perhaps, by Craig Silverman in his article “Homegrown Errorists,”)  expected, likely hoped for, was a “snarling reaction,” as he heard in other encounters, from an author, any unsuspecting author, regarding any error that came to hand. OBSERVATION HILL was not even the featured book of the evening.

All I have to say, as I told the errorist who hijacked nearly the whole evening with tales of egregious errors he’d found, is that I favored “illusive” over “elusive” because it carries the meaning “hard to see” and does not depend, as does its cousin, on “an effort to evade.” Anyone who has read the book can attest that Ingstrom possesses a waif-like quality that moves  him almost invisibly (or so he thinks) from one jam to another. It could be said without snarling that one might add a “t” to Silverman’s  moniker and not be charged with substanial error.

Promise you’ll not send an “errorist” after me when I post the upcoming and final events of the Solstice Tour here:

Tuesday  July 11th     Book World – Wisconsin Rapids, WI   4 pm

Thursday   July 13th   Thimbleberry Books,  Marshfield, Wisconsin   6 pm

Friday   July 14th    Book World – Rhinelander, WI  11:00 am

Saturday  July 15th   Book World –  Eagle River, Wisconsin    10:00 am

Saturday  July 15th   Book World –   Minacqua, Wisconsin    1:00 pm

Sunday  July 16th   Apostle Islands Bookseller, Bayfield, WI   1:00 pm onward


The next tour begins August 19 in Proctor, Minnesota with Hoghead Days.


  1. Michele Sullivan says:

    I find these minted coined words anything but errors! They provide a way to convey more than the usual meaning.

    All my best, Michele


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