Road Trip: Day 100 and the last

Posted: November 7, 2016 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Ogden, Utah

Ogden is a bit like Oakland in its secondary position to a nearby “first class city,” in Ogden’s case Salt Lake City. According to some locals I interviewed SLC looks down a narrow nose at Ogden, and the latter just keeps on going. A walk from my hotel to Union Station tells that story, 25th street now being the craft brewing, night-living, entrepreneurial section of town, even on a Sunday night. Transplants from Seattle, SLC, and Orange County, California spoke of the vibrancy of Portland, Oregon and the affordability of the Midwest. Here, you can be a Millennial on a dime.

I’m in the west:

That is clear. I haven’t seen mountains for three months or a LDS temple for that matter.

For some reason I’ve scored a corner suite each time out west, first in Cheyenne (see day 99) and now at The Historic Ben Lomand Hotel in Ogden. There are benefits gleaned from writing that one never imagines.

Only a novelist needs five pillows (and three layers of top sheets to boot). The history and architecture of the place is odd enough, good for Ogden,  that alone to merit a visit. Note that Ogdenians marry, and when they do they marry at The Ben Lomand.

Notes: the central portion of the hotel (now three stories) was chopped down from seven stories (its tower removed) and in 1927 was banked on two sides by an eleven story L which houses the hall on the right (reminiscent, at my first glance, of a KKK meeting hall). Upstairs in the lower section, on the mezzanine is the banquet and dance halls for the newlyweds and company.

My views from two of my five windows in the suite.

I’ve “gassed up” at Penny’s Diner and am on the way across the salt flats toward Nevada where I will catch another hour lost this July and reunite with Carol on Election Day.

Yippee Kai Yea. Thank you for following my Road Trip blog.



  1. Beverly Korby says:

    Thanks, Tim, for the virtual vacation through your photos and stories.
    Enjoy some R&R.


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