Road Trip: Day 96

Posted: November 2, 2016 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Buffalo, Excelsior, and Stillwater, Minnesota

With little to do until meeting friends for wine and cheese (I had Perrier) at The Elephant Walk B & B, I stopped by bookstores and libraries in Buffalo and Excelsior Bay (where the Queen of the Lake – Minnetonka docks in summer) before crossing the Twin Cities for the town by the St. Croix.

Sitting in the noonday sun at Buffalo Books and Coffee. A couple on the street spent their lunch break tossing the football. (They made me put away the camera and join them for a one-pass-trial).  Minnesota libraries (and Wisconsin’s, too) make great vantage point overlooking lakes, waterfalls, and rivers. Here Buffalo Library sits on the shore of Buffalo Lake.

A notable sign in Excelsior Bay says, “Welcome to the best gas station on earth!” Well, if you don’t have a public restroom, you can’t be the best station on earth. The bookstore, though, and the library, too, are very fine.

I arrived at The Elephant Walk in time to receive Davyd’s call from California. A wonderful chat.

Oddly blue berries, the canopy but all mosquitoes are dead, the chat seat, and wine and cheese for Bonnie and Vince.

  1. Margie Bailey Halvorson says:

    Hi, Tim. Like others, I’m enjoying your travels, your thoughts/observations and photos!! Your photo of the ‘oddly blue berries’: the plant is called Porcelain Vine (one of my favorites). Quite a few people have them in our area – especially over an arbor/gazebo/privacy fence. The leaves are first to show in late Spring and are quite prolific; small clusters of berries arrive in August but don’t show their beautiful colors (pinks, turquoise, purple, blues) until later in August & they stay through our first HARD frost. Our birds ♡♡♡ them and the berries make a beautiful mess if any fall & you step on them!! Safe travels … you’ll soon be in CA!! xo xo


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