Road Trip: Day 93 and 94

Posted: October 30, 2016 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Minot and Grand Forks, North Dakota

There was time only for one quick picture which, perhaps, catches the essence of traveling just south of the border (the Canadian border, that is).


One of three “oversize” loads I encountered. One truck hauled steel tanks so large the bellied out into my lane (high above my little Subaru).

Other icons of the North Dakota roads:

A very cool and retro rest stop on I-94 and the Elbow Lake county seat buildingmb-5mb-3



The real icons, though, are the bookstores supporting the strong reading community I found in North Dakota (widespread from each other but deep).

In Minot, Main Street Books sponsored me for a Friday event (I had called only that Monday) where I met curious readers and after a productive meet and greet shared my “author thoughts” with 10 members of the  Friday writers . club.  It is a savvy and happy place.

In Grand Forks, I appeared    at Bookworld and Ferguson’s Books. The feeling and the method of each store is unique to its clientele and both do a service.  What is sure NORTH DAKOTA READS! Thanks to its booksellers.

After driving 900 miles from Thrusday morning to Saturday night (just in time to see the Cubs dissolve), I am taking a rest before the last in this series: The Totally Criminal Cocktail Hour with Valley Bookseller in Stillwater, MN.


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