Road Trip: Day 87

Posted: October 24, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Cloquet, Mn – June 5, 1966

Travel with a few of my classmates back in time to a more elegant age of education: to the soon-to-be-demolished Cloquet Senior High School (now the middle and adult education wings) which will make way for condos or apartments.

Jef, Kath, Dave, Craig, and I wandered the rooms, halls, and crannies of the school for two hours, remembering, laughing, acting-up, and, at last, getting tired of the whole thing.  I’ll narrate a selection from the hundred pictures I took:

(L) The old high school with newer middle school beyond. (C) Jef in his Lumberjack jacket at the front door of the old building. (R) The side door where on June 5, 1966 we received our year books.

(L) Dave writes on the old black board. (CL) Tim sharpens his pencil at the original bookcase. (CR) The doors to the library where Tim worked his senior year. (R) Jef points to Room 210, English.

Unchanged from the “beginning.” 1. Main hall, new wing. 2. Rest room floor. 3. “Posh” seats in the gym. 4. The auditorium. 5. Original blue prints of 1950 changes.

  1. The card catalog used in 1966. 2. View of shops, cafeteria, and gym. 3. Backside (added connectors, brick and white, show). 4. 1966 Library, wedge shaped library desk. 5. Cornice with “Cloquet High School” up there since 1918 after the fire.

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