Road Trip: Day 79

Posted: October 17, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Minneapolis – Adventures near Powderhorn Park

Fall comes suddenly in the park, but winter dips her toe in the water lightly and a day here, a day there, likely to test if ice has formed on its surface just yet. Today, winter came for one of her visits. Nevertheless, I bundled up to walk and explore my new, temporary neighborhood quite thankful that I had taken off camping for a while ( So I thought for the duration though I was wrong about that).

Bob, a friend I knew through the ex in her Social Security days, had us at his apartment overlooking the park in the ’80s, so I knew it somewhat. Perhaps we tobogganed down one of the hills there.

Plenty of color, cool-looking water, and the island. How can one show temperature or wind speed, other than the copious ripples?

Part of the adventure included visiting the Swedish American Institute in my ‘hood, set on Park Avenue (just like New York but lesser) by a successful Swedish language newspaper publisher who started from the position of farm boy around 1880.  When I arrived the hubbub in the lobby set me in the middle of a group tour, and since I was helpful, I moved on with them.

Not bad for a farm boy, huh? Inside the house he and his small family hardly lived in (staying in his apartment close to the newspaper) the grand folk-inspired carvings and balustrades, lively painted glass scenes from Swedish history, and tiled room heaters that look like huge teapots make the house a joy to visit. Of course, I took off and did my own tour but caught up with the group to sip lingonberry juice served with ginger snaps. I did not mention the F – – — – word once (Finns).

Walking back home I encountered a Minneapolis experiment channeling ground water away from streets, sending it, so they say, deep into the ground through guarded (banked) gardens here and there. This one is full of folksy art as well:

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