Road Trip: Day 77

Posted: October 12, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Spring Green, Wisconsin

Other than “epic” mosquitoes by the Blue River and the wonder of a small town bookstore, Arcadia Books, this is all about Frank Lloyd Wright and the present face of Taliesin (Shining Brow) his working farm on which he worked much of his life (doing architecture mostly). In a two hour tour, snapped over five hundred photos and would have taken more had my battery held out. I’ve selected a few for you.

The exterior is hard to photograph. The architecture is NOT monumental, rather hidden (low lying, of course) and highly intimate. Wright so loved trees that some of those he planted or built near are heaving up his foundations. Enter the preservationists!

The house is built around (as opposed to on top of) the hill. First we look down into the expanse of the house from the gardens above it. Second, three features typical of Wright’s work: natural stone (much like that found banking the rivers in this area), huge cantilevered over-hangs, varied lines of parapets and roofs. Third the horizontal style hugs the ground (curb to door step to window-line to roof line to clerestory-line to chimney-line) stepping back as on a cow-trodden hill.  Last, the angular view highlights the meeting of horizontal and vertical elements.

Windows, windows, windows all in a row, a FLW trademark. The corner window, not shown here, he loved dearly as well.

A part of the well known and extensive art Asian art collection sits around outside, summer and winter, I suppose, counting centuries.

PART TWO tomorrow.


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