Road Trip: Day 76

Posted: October 11, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Mason City and Decorah, Iowa

Why are 80% of readers in United States women? Perhaps it is a self-fulfillment of sorts. Shouldn’t I be out hunting, or something?

Sculptures outside the Mason City library. Okay, you could have a guy reading in the duck blind or at least consulting an auto repair manual.

I left Frank’s hotel behind in Mason City, reluctantly, and drove through Amish country (one spot of many in Iowa) to Decorah to visit Dragonfly Books on the wonderful main street of Decorah, Water Street.

Also on water street is The Sugar Bowl Creamery, an ice cream store that in a moment of weakness I turned into.  Well, Craig Running, the proprietor, had a long and interesting conversation only because he was OUT OF ICE CREAM for the season. Come back in April.  The fifth generation Decoran built for 17 years to complete his establishment and start out in a very cool business. Fitting for a very cool man.

A factory-stock motorize bike (Whizzer?), the exterior of the new Sugar Bowl (see Craig for pics of the old one), and a great delivery idea in Iowa and in Mexico, too.

I took a turn at the Vesterheim National Norwegian Museum and stood amongst the crowd of some 800,000 immigrants landing here 1860 to 1915 (population of Norway was 1 million, so nearly everyone came). Quick tour:

I would not want to cross the Atlantic even in summer in this craft (r). Tim among the “Weggies,” (center) and the kitchen, pantry, bedroom and all in a N-A home (l). Nicely appointed and small, small, “meget liten.”

I finished this eventful day at Pike’s Peak, named for the same explorer as the Colorado site, Zebulon Pike.

In my last visit here, 2002, I was all alone with the cicadas. This time the campground was full of fall-color seekers.


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