Road Trip: Day 75

Posted: October 10, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Mason City, Iowa – the historic Park Hotel (Frank Lloyd Wright, c. 1910).

I was fortunate that some one (perhaps Elizabeth Moore, PhD) cancelled her reservation for the reunion celebrated at the hotel. I picked up a room, albeit facing a brick parapet of the adjoining building, in this fantastic hotel, the last standing of FLW’s hotels (though part of the Tokyo building was saved and relocated before all was demolished). The windows, the lowered ceilings, the stained glass, the balconies and ins and outs of the brick exterior, and excitingly intimate spaces imparted that Wrightian feeling. It was special for a Cloquet guy who regularly used FLW’s gas station as a warming house.

The lovely entry, the bank at the end of the building (now part of the hotel), the front wall of the hotel, and FLW and the author.

My warming house! Cloquet Avenue and Highway 33! Same feeling at the hotel.

Even though the bed was a king size one, the room felt cozy. The brick wall outside provided privacy without having to lower the blinds, and when I checked in before my Bookworld event, afternoon sun was streaming into the room.

If you are weary of Prairie Style, skip tomorrows post (DON’T) which features my visit to the mecca of FLW: Taliesin (Shining Brow) in Spring Green, Wisconsin.


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