Road Trip: Days 70-71 (ed.)

Posted: October 6, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Stillwater and Saint Paul

This is mostly about rooms.  With Carol’s arrival I moved out of my tent into something with a real roof and perpendicular walls: The Elephant Walk bed and breakfast, set back five blocks from the former State Capitol Building and six from the 155 step stairway down the sandstone cliff that makes Stillwater  along the St. Croix so lovely.

We took the Andiamo up and down the river. Californians, no dipping into the over abundant waters of the Midwest. They are rife with alligators and weird bacteria that wear plaid underwear.

Did I mention rooms? The Elephant Walk:

Did I mention rooms? Yes, rooms reconstructed from a downtown Saint Paul duplex, now inside the Minnesota Historical Museum chronicling 100 years of everyday life of some fifty families that occupied the building over the years. One of the smartest ways I’ve seen to tell the story of the common man and the changes wrought in American society in the last century:

Mostly it was the things Carol and I knew from childhood, of course, that touched a nerve, but the stories of the people, “if walls could talk (and they do in this house),” for instance how uncle Bert slaughtered pigs in the basement, how wine was made downstairs, how the kids from each half of the duplex fought, then made up. How Hal upstairs came home “as stiff as a donkey” and had to be guided upstairs. Life happens. It happened here, and the MHM documented it well.

A miscellaney: Elephant Walk balcony, a grilled tilapia from Mercado Central on Lake Street, Minneapolis, and a path in Lake Elmo Park Reserve (without Carol).

Carol at the soda fountain in MHM’s “Greatest Generation” exhibit, a video of winter projected from the rear window of a 55 Chev supposedly stuck in a snow drift, Lake Elmo Reserve WITH Carol.

OFF TO MINNEAPOLIS and the Heartland Fall Forum.


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