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Road Trip: Day 93 and 94

Posted: October 30, 2016 by Jollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Minot and Grand Forks, North Dakota

There was time only for one quick picture which, perhaps, catches the essence of traveling just south of the border (the Canadian border, that is).


One of three “oversize” loads I encountered. One truck hauled steel tanks so large the bellied out into my lane (high above my little Subaru).

Other icons of the North Dakota roads:

A very cool and retro rest stop on I-94 and the Elbow Lake county seat buildingmb-5mb-3



The real icons, though, are the bookstores supporting the strong reading community I found in North Dakota (widespread from each other but deep).

In Minot, Main Street Books sponsored me for a Friday event (I had called only that Monday) where I met curious readers and after a productive meet and greet shared my “author thoughts” with 10 members of the  Friday writers . club.  It is a savvy and happy place.

In Grand Forks, I appeared    at Bookworld and Ferguson’s Books. The feeling and the method of each store is unique to its clientele and both do a service.  What is sure NORTH DAKOTA READS! Thanks to its booksellers.

After driving 900 miles from Thrusday morning to Saturday night (just in time to see the Cubs dissolve), I am taking a rest before the last in this series: The Totally Criminal Cocktail Hour with Valley Bookseller in Stillwater, MN.

Road Trip: Day 92

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Dateline: Mandan, North Dakota

Pam and Curt (l) and Tim and Karla (r). Karla dressed for dinner – she directed serving of 500 “pobrecitos” in the church basement. The pizza was good. The will was even better.

How long and how lost do long-lost-cousins have to be? How many times must one pass through eastward or westward before planning a visit?  What length of stay is called for after forty or fifty years?

Very long. Eight. One pleasant day.


Front to back Karla (directing the luncheon at the Am. Legion), Curt (my host overnight, and everybody’s favorite DJ, Pam. In the mirror, taking our picture is Pam’s Rick the best Beatles fan in North Dakota.

I was surprised it had been, oh, 58 years or so (17 for one cousin), and I had to count the times I’d visited Medora, stayed at T. Roosevelt or Sakakawea, and just how much we could share in just 20 hours. We laughed (did we sing, yes a bit) and talked four blue streaks, sharing sometimes faint memories and reminding each other how our lives had paralleled and nearly intersected.  Curt and I spent hours poring through documents and pictures from 60 to 100 years ago.  Here’s a sample:

The Finnish woman who unites us: Ruth Eva Martin (Lumppio) Maki, her sister and nieces, and husband Anselm, grandfather of my cousins, and our Grandma Ruth’s naturalization certificate.

I found my brothers and me in the album as well:

Gary Michael Jollymore, and Nick, Tim, Santa a an older Gary. Whose cars are in the background?

A wonderous trip. One of more-to-come.




Road Trip: Day 91

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Dateline: Lake Minnewaska, Minnesota (Starbuck)

A quickie during the Cub’s victory:

Tim and Jef play cribbage during the Cub’s game using jumbo (easy to see) cards and Jef’s  deer antler “board.” In my opinion, the results were favorable even though he is a crackerjack and careful player. I learned a few tricks by watching him.

Tomorrow, I’m on the Mandan-Minot-Grand Forks loop which will bring me back to Minnesota for a final event.



Road Trip: Day 90

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Dateline: Starbuck, Minnesota (Lake Minnewaska)

Things have changed since last I visited:

“The corn has browned and dried, the chin has sprouted gray,” the poets say.

The Eagle State Bank in Starbuck will tell that winter is on its way:

I’ll visit Mandan, Minot, and Grand Forks, North Dakota before following my black bird friends away:

Not too much south, but most certainly west.


Road Trip: Days 88 and 89

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Dateline: Minneapolis, Minnesota (again)

Yes, I’m back in the big town once more. Staying with a friend and fellow artist. Not much in the way of photos other than a tree (you’ll see).


  1. I voted today.
  2. Added another bookstore appearance. This one in Minot
  3. Attended a poetry reading of Laure-Anne Bosselaar
  4. Watched both Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher (on different nights)
  5. Held a talk at a Wisconsin library.
  6. Blogged, as you can see.

Now the tree: img_7022

Does it get much better than this?