Road Trip: Day 59

Posted: September 23, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: West of Waupaca, Wisconsin

How to successfully tent in the rain –

You need: 1. tent with good rain fly, 2. hatchback car or suv 3. Stearns or equal rain suit, 4. water proof boots, 5. a good, quick mind.

Four out of five aren’t bad.

Steps: 1. Choose high campsite over downhill site, 2. back up suv very near tent site and open hatch, 3. don rain gear (sans boots because you don’t have them and don’t care if you ruin a darn good pair of shoes), 4. pitch tent and stake the corners, 5. assemble fly over tent just as fast as you can and secure against bluster winds, 6. transfer pad, cushion, pillows, sleeping bag and reading material to clean dry tent, 7. lay-in your yoga mat as an entry kneeling point.

Then, for nine hours, cuddle in your bag reading, listening to the rain drip, drop, pelt and pound your tent, startling to ever-closer flashes and booms and wake hourly to thunder that threatens to call you home to your maker (if there is one).

Pictures? No chance. It’s very dark. Then it’s very, very light for a second. Then it’s very dark once more. The internet radar tells you that this system is slow moving, drenching and powerful. Goodnight rain.


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