Road Trip:Days 54 & 55

Posted: September 20, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Fond du Lac, Stevens Point, and Merrill, Wisconsin

These three towns are connected by a very long, convoluted road. I felt like I had been driving forever. Just the same each visit had its special moments. What’s a blog for other than to share a few nice times?

This isn’t really Fond du Lac but somewhat north on Highway 45 on the shores of Lake Winnebago where I experienced an evening dew so heavy it took me two hours to dry my tent the next morning. Luckily, as you can see in the middle picture, the sun rose in a clear sky. Add these lake scenes to the mix of candidates for the cover of LAKE STORIES AND OTHER TALES. You like?

In Stevens Point I added my banners to the festive art show the Bookworld people started on their sandwich board. It was the first time anyone had honored me with a thoughtful and artistic welcome. The results from a college town were predictable. People there read.

In Merrill, Wisconsin where I will hold forth at the T. B. Scott library on October 23 (“Reality in Fiction”), young people read and the Germanic heritage is apparent in the signage and architecture.

At Bookworld I encountered a young sister who told me, unlike her older sibling, she didn’t like to read because it took forever. Just what I was waiting for: “I was always a slow reader, but I found that it made me a very careful and deeper reader.” She understood and left, like her sister, the book store with a book in tow! Speed isn’t everything.

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