Road Trip: Day 53

Posted: September 17, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Two Rivers and Manitowoc, Wisconsin and Willmar, Minnesota.

Part of the program on this trip is the installation of Listener in the Snow in collections of various libraries on the route. There isn’t always time, it is not always the right time, but one thing is for sure: the librarians are gracious and appreciative, and they are invariably housed in modern, spacious, and very new buildings:

The grand entry and spacious two story Manitowoc library.

Just up the road from Manitowoc is Two Rivers which also has a monumental library prominent in the town.

Back in Minnesota, the Willmar library is the flagship for its Pioneer Library System though the one in Litchfield (not pictured) rivals the architecture and ambiance of this stone, glass, and steel monument.

That said, what is Oakland, California doing about its libraries? At a population of 400,000 has it lost its reading-soul to sports teams? I’ll take a mid-western library over a basketball team any day (or baseball or football).

Tell it like it is!

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