Road Trip: Day 48

Posted: September 13, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Minneapolis day-49h Ah, the American city that likes itself. And why not. The secret is, though, to stay away from that downtown pictured here (taken from University and 13th Avenue SE on the rail overpass). Minneapolis is ALL about its neighborhoods which are numerous, lovely, and close to most everything. The only thing better? That might be Saint Paul.

I’ve left the blackday-49fbirds to the rolling plains of west-central  section of the state with my final event in Buffalo, MN, another bookstore/community center serving literature with coffee in the great Johnsonian tradition. With an antique car show in town I though this Chevy might be parked in front all day. Not a chance. Out the back door, since you may ask, is one of Minnesota’s 10,000, Buffalo Lake.

I’m on my way to Minne-apple for Sally Gellert’s memorial celebration, which I will celebrate in silence and photos. She was a wonder Virginian, a cool mother, a healing doctor, and a brave expansive soul. Her widower, Vance, caught all in his photos of her.


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