Road Trip: Day 36

Posted: September 1, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Grand Rapids, Duluth, Minnesota and Bayfield, Wisconsin

Before, during, and after the reunion I brought books to market. Ask a classmate about Advent, or Observation Hill, or the old one, Listener in the Snow.

But it wasn’t just curious and supportive classmates who obtained good reading material. At the Village Bookstore in Grand Rapids and at Apostle Island Booksellers in Bayfield, bay 5   Wisconsin over twenty other readers picked onebay 7 of the titles. After the Cloquet Library discussion on Thursday, the mixer on Friday, Grand Rapids and the banquet on Saturday and Bayfield on Sunday: I WAS TOO EXHAUSTED TO SLEEP. Two days later? I’m much better, as you can see.


My r and r is wandering and walking. I did much of this in Duluth looking for icons of my years in town, 1967 – 1981. I found not a few:

Fitger’s smokestack, Central High (OH), the bridge (OH), Joe Huey’s sign (OH)

Tracks looking west, day break and night thunder, tracks looking east. Was this another vote for “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning?”

duluth 4

The former Hotel Duluth (OH) with the fairly bland immitation, The Sheraton. It could be worse.

(OH) indicates settings found in Observation Hill, a novel of class and murder.  OHcoverOn Wednesday night (last night) I slept 9 hours, if you want to know, and feel ready to tackle the western part of Minnesota from Park Rapids, Wadena, Alexandria, Willmar, and Buffalo, places not as well known as Minneapolis, but sturdy, friendly, and important.


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