Road Trip: Day 31

Posted: August 27, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Dateline: Cloquet, Minnesota – Exploration and Explanations

Leif Erickson must have felt this way, though I must admit he did not see his name up in plastic letters. Any Scandinavian would feel at home at Bergquist’s Imports, especially a Finn.Bquists 5

I’m here talking up my Finnish characters and their exploits over the course of three novels. Taddy and Paul are hardly Finnish names though I now note a progression from Taddy Langille’s half-Finnishess to Paul Tuomi’s full Finnish-American heritage to Pekka Pyykonen’s easily recognizable ethnicity-of-name. Are my Finns coming out of the closet? Stranger things have happened.

The accommodations in Cloquet, courtesy of Catherine and Chis Wagner, are spacious, clean, and convenient, just a quick walk or drive from all the hot spots of Cloquet (featured in a later post) and not too far from the 1966 Class Reunion.

The Corvette whick doesn’t come with the deal is Catherine’s holdover from her Bowling Green days (the epicenter of Corvette).

committee These folk are at the epicenter of reunion planning in Cloquet of 1966. The mixer which came a half hour later grew crowded, hot, and happy.  Cheers!


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