Road Trip: Days 28 & 29

Posted: August 23, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

R & R : how to relax in Duluth, or “eat your heart out, Gore Vidal.”

  1. Soak in the natural beauty to rest the mind. Fun 3




2. Take in a public spectacle that occurs only biennially, say something like the Tall Ships festival coupled with an art fair. Fun DFun F

3. Listen to a group who really likes to play their music, not-for-money-or-fame, but one Fun 5 Fun 6 that likes to have fun with their music. Hey, the pizza wasn’t bad either (they eat too much pizza here: food of the Norse gods).

4. Eat fine food: Coney Islands on 1st Street as this mother-daughter team is doing. A coney and a coke goes a long way toward complete restoration.

5. Go to the beach and swim in Lake Superior: Air temperature 89 F. Water temp 48 F.

6. Visit with a friend and share what you and he make (books and maple syrup, for example). Fun 2I’m pictured here with my good friend from 6th grade, Terry Bassett who makes a dark, rich, and sweet maple syrup worthy of the name Fond du Lac. He and wife Shirley are readers too.

Well rested and ready,  in the next few days it’s back on the road to the high spots of the tour: Cromwell, Cloquet, and Grand Rapids. I feel like I can fit a high school reunion somewhere in there, too.


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