Road Trip: Day 27

Posted: August 23, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

What is a hog head anyway?

I finished day 26 with stops at Turtle Town Books and Book World in Baxter, both very fine stores. We did passing well at each.

pj 2

The big event, despite rain which brought the cool weather everyone near Lake Superior prefers, Proctor’s 41st annual HOGHEAD DAYS was a great success. Traffic was light until after the parade when the crowd swelled and  grew even larger when the bagpipes began to play.  The Proctor Journal which has been in publication since 1905 ran a nice article about my appearance and the family’s history in Proctor.donna

As I expected the day was full of surprises with news and people from the remote past, but since The Advent of Elizabeth itself is a look into a fictional past of 24 years, the day seemed to fit in with all sorts of folks appearing: Neighborninas, Donna Ross (my first kiss at age 4) and Nina Chantelois (whose grandparents raised the rabbits we so admired), and cousin-in-law Pat Monroe whose aunt Martha is my aunt Martha Hawkinson.  I’m told that 80% of American readers are women.  I wonder if that is really the truth? As far as I can see, at least in Proctor, it just may be. pat


As far as what a Hog Head is, well The Proctor Journal tells us that the slang term for a steam engine  that originated on the 1887  Denver and Rio Grande was “water hog.” The engineer was

hog head 2

Courtesy Proctor Lions / Proctor Journal

the “water hog head” which became in the north land a more laconic “hog head.” I remember my brakeman father, who love words, calling his engineer coworkers “the hog’s head.” I guess we’ve dropped the possessive.



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