Road Trip: Day 26

Posted: August 23, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

I feel like the “Maytag” repairman in a good way.25a

Let me instruct those not familiar with this corporate image: the Maytag repairman is a sad sack fellow hoping someone will call he to their home to fix a washer or dryer. No one calls. He sits in his office gazing at the phone resting his jowls on a listless hand. But he’s ready! Well, I’m a bit more outgoing than this guy (there were two versions of the actor over the years) but the reliability of the products was reinforced during my visit to Irene’s Favorite Things in Park Rapids at the back of Harvala’s appliances.IMG_5132

There in front of  Iittala ceramics and glassware and Oika Toikka birds were a host of appliances and cabinetry. I should say that Kathryn served great coffee and cookies and was ready with a Tervetuloa, the Finnish “welcome.” I arrived late but it was early Friday


morning with few interruptions,  so I spent time in the front with the appliances and Sue the fun desk attendant. Beside the nice welcome, sales, and good conversation, I found this:

Enough to do a body’s heart good! This Maytag was brought in on trade for a new one. Hey, looks serviceable to me.




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