Road Trip: Day 25

Posted: August 22, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Behind the scenes are those who work to support the effort and who come out to make the trip a happy return.

Behind every man . . . sounds rather sexist even though books have been written on the theme.  Back home while I’m traveling and meeting the folks who make the trip worthwhile are Walter Lumppio Walter, my publicist, and Carol Carol my designer and chief support-systems engineer. Together, they conceive, produce, and deliver the news of the tour to booksellers and their public. Neither like to be out front, but how can I thank them without lifting the veil just a little. Truthfully, I couldn’t to it without them. Sometimes being on the road feels like being alone, but never with the home front support team. My thanks.

Day twenty-five bought me through Bemidji and Park Rapids Bookworld stores. Fans from previous years made the effort to come out once more.  John Swartz from Bemidji State pulled up just as I was schlepping my last box to my car. He stopped and pointed at me, “I’m coming to see you!” So back to the store I went. Both John and his wife had enjoyed Listener in the Snow and wanted to read


Tim and Anthony

both the new books, Observation Hill and The Advent of Elizabeth. As John left the store, I turned around and there stood my poet friend, Anthony Swann from Bemidji whom I met last year and with whom I have corresponded via snail mail, Anthony being of the computer-age-holdouts (without cyber love). He wanted The Advent, and I wanted lunch.  Over great grilled vegetable panini at The Wild Hare Bistro, he showed me the galley proof of his new volume of poetry. A very cool book to come out in early November.

Old friends and new pave the happy road to literary nirvana. (Sounds like something Anthony would say).

  1. To have a support systems engineer like Carol is to be truly supported, even blessed. Great to see her image in your post! Keep on.


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