Road Trip: Day 24

Posted: August 18, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Cousin, reader, friend: John Lumppio

John made an exception and put me up for the night. Maybe because I drive a Forester and he spent 40 years WORKING as a forester. Not only did I get to sleep in a bed, he served hors devours, including homebrined cucumbers, and a full, homecooked spaghetti dinner, and not just any old sugo but VENISON SUGO (sauce if you’re Finnish). That meal put me in bed at 9:30! And we talked: classmates, cousins, friends, loves, losses, trees, wild game, fishing, guys, scouts, canoe trips, housekeeping, marriage and divorce and on and on and on. IT WAS GREAT.

John (right) on his Big Falls estate, freshly mowed for my visit, I suppose. I cooked coffee and steel cut oats (back burner) this morning on John’s 50 year-old stove. This guy makes good use of every tool, device, and, well, thing in the world. “It’s a guy-thing.” I wish I had taken a picture of his double-boiler measuring cup which has a liquid cup opposite (think vertical) a dry measure cup, so you can measure your water and oats without wiping and drying the darn measuring cup. His mother had one.

Cars parked next door to the Lumppio place:



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