Road Trip: Days 21/22

Posted: August 16, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Let me catch up with myself (If I can), first with a picture of Sue and me at Lake Country Booksellers. Is that the farmers’ market in the background?


Yellow pants are all the rage in White Bear Lake

I admit, the days go by so fast that it seems like just yesterday that the sun rose ruddy behind the aerial lift bridge. Why, I get it, it was just yesterday. 21 pSo, that means I was running late to Irma’s Finland House less than 24 hours ago. 21 e  What’s more I witnessed an unnatural natural phenomenon: May flies in August at Caribou Coffee in Duluth.

All right, one of the middle pictures is not a pair of May flies. It’s a Swedish ad for sweaters: He’s thinking I’ll be the handsomest man on the slopes. She’s wondering Can I lose him on the diamond run? The flies are saying Hey, this global warming isn’t so bad after all.

What is even more, I witnessed a newly naturalized occurrence, grandmothers at the coffee klatsch (Caribou) doing it the modern way:21 r






Irma’s was a great and welcoming venue. They call it a gift shop. It is a GIFT shop.

The two-day-long day landed me in Ely, Minnesota at Piragis Northwoods Company at 2nd Floor Bookstore where the employees flock to the author’s table. What a treat! Next door at the Chocolate Moose they serve a mean salmon on spinach with kalamata, cherry tomato, and artichoke hearts. Very nice:

Let’s end with the nighttime theme at Bear Head State Park:


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