Road Trip: Days 19/20

Posted: August 14, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

A return to the river: Two wonderful bookstores.

I feel like I’ve come upstairs with Chapter 2 Books in Hudson, Wisconsin over the last three years (They moved from the cellar to street level). Brian and Sue have supported my efforts firmly each year, reading (cover to cover) each of my books! That means a great deal to me–few booksellers devote their to this enterprise, so I have to both thank and marvel at Brian’s practice. Much more this year when he greeted me with, “I LOVE THIS BOOK.” (re: The Advent of Elizabeth) Thanks for the lift, Brian.

PictureUp river and on the Minnesota side is Valley Bookseller in Stillwater, Minnesota. I’ve made two appearances here each of the last two years: one at the store, the other at The Totally Criminal Cocktail Hour which VB organizes, first Wednesday of each month – tickets get you hors devours and an author. Last year I played the part of P. S. Toumi from Observation Hill.  What I’ll do this year (November 2, 2016) will be revealed!

Here’s how I approached my event this year: The bridge was jammed with traffic (not shown). 1920 b I DON’T WAIT very well. I pulled over and parked. I hiked a box of books and marks to my shoulder and strode out across on foot. 1920 aThe old bridge is slow, perhaps, but more passable than its replacement. And who should I find at Valley Bookseller? Another Cloquetite: Paulette Swanson nee Okerstrom. We surprised each other.

Walking, driving, or running this is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. As they say on their web site: Great Books. Great People.

Truth never sounded so plain. DSCN7460

Then, morning at Lake Elmo Park Reserve and on the road to Virginia, Minnesota and Irma’s Finland House. Stay tuned.



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