Road Trip: Day 18

Posted: August 12, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Road troubles.
Never be too confident while on the road that everything will be just fine, no matter how well you prepare. I have four new tires and the knowledge that when you drive all-wheel style the tires must match. Well, they were getting worn in any case well before one took two nails to the heart.
Next, make sure your “sky box” is closed from both sides. While bumping down Michigan’s US 2, I heard a scrape followed by a thud. I pulled off immediately; good thing, too. My nice ladder was hanging by its feet from the “sky box” ready to clatter to the shoulder.
Now, how did the mosquitoes know to wait right there for me? It only took a minute, but my attention was diverted from my ankles which took a sound biting.
The Michigan state troopers seem to be an even tempered bunch. The one that shadowed me shortly after the ladder incident must have seen me reduce from 68 to 55 to 45 to 35 then, like crawling, to 25 going through Bruce Crossing. He turned off: up to 68 again!

Troubles abound but so do smooth travels which characterized Wisconsin US 2 and I 35 to White Bear Lake.  Lake Country Booksellers are hospitable and encouraging. So far, and by far, the best of my stops. The store is at the farmers’ market and is surrounded by flowers:

The ADVENT poster felt fine by the planter. I pose with a reader-author-supporter, Colleen Baldrica (TreeSpiritedWoman), near baskets of flowers.

Later I camp out at Lake Elmo Park Preserve, across from the Hotel Lake Elmo.  Tonight, dinner with my brother, at the Dock in Stillwater.


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