Road Trip: Day 16, or is it?

Posted: August 11, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

I think this is day 17.

Two places worth mentioning.

South of Marquette near Gwinn and Little Lake is Little Bear Lake State Park where the best moonlight falls over water:


In Marquette proper is Doncker’s, the best breakfast stop and coolest, retro cafe in the Yooper (Upper Peninsula) :16k

The secret of their success is good food, retro environment, lively service, and a great candy counter:


Is it worth the trip? Well, stop by to decide for yourself

I sat at the same table as a professor from USC who teaches Japanese literature. Where else?

  1. Is that your view from your campsite? Well, wow. It sounds like you’ve been there before. I will remember it and seek it out, someday.

    Does it get as dark as in Nova Scotia? Does one seem to be able to touch the stars in the blackness?


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