Road Trip: Days 14 & 15

Posted: August 10, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

New Bookworlds and Camping, a philosophy.

“Sumer is a-cumin’ in, sing cuckoo, sing . . .” a medieval song

Summer is the time in America for ice cream, fudge, congregating in families on street corners of small towns in the countryside of the nation, and for books as well. The sign across from Bookworld in Eagle River boasted, “Over one million pounds sold.” Sold and consumed and worked off at the gym? We’re talking FUDGE here, chocolate, nutty, set-your-teeth-on-edge sweet. One bookseller told me, “People are on vacation. Not only do they have money to spend, they have nothing to do but read!”

Booksellers are busy people, but those in Minocqua, WI had time to work on a two-sided sandwich board greeting me and advertising my visit. I liked, in particular the phrase “special guest inside.”  The store in Eagle River (second frame above) is next to the ice cream store. What time is it? Time for ice cream (in the morning?).

Camping, activity of the gods. First off, it is practically free. Whereas even Howard Johnson is getting $100 a night for his basic room,  pitching one’s own tent where one can find a six by three foot spot averages less than $15 per night. When the camper is used to a lake view, as I am coming from Lake Merritt, water is essential and so far accessible: the Menominee River, Buffalo Lake, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior all temper the Midwestern heat with cool, drifting, August breezes. The night sights are unlike any in the city. There are truly stars and galaxies out there.

Then there is the food, the best chef in the world, and clean up is simple.

The omelet is red peppers,shall14 iots, smoked white fish and basil. MMMMMM.

  1. I like this post a lot. I thought I was there, for a moment. I tasted the eggy shallots and felt the breeze across the campground.

    It looks like you’re meeting folks and selling books and noticing what’s around you — you know how to live.

    Create. Share. Connect. (The secret to life.)


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