Road Trip: Days 12-13

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Bookworld Stores: How to survive in small town America!

Talk about a niche market. Inhabitants of small towns throughout the Midwest depend on bookstores much more than the “big box” folk would have you think. And THEY READ. Ergo, the family owned small chain, Bookworld Stores are community centers, news vendors, wonderful sources for magazines, and not a few of them offer Cuba’s finest in their humidors. The stores and the company are very supportive of local, regional, and independent authors and publishers always happy to set up a meet and greet. The Appleton, Wisconsin headquarters also belong to and support the Midwest Booksellers Association and its Heartland Fall Forum that I’ll attend in October. Good sports all around.

Ironwood, Michigan

Ironwood is the first community across the Wisconsin state line and is the information center for the Yooper (upper peninsula of Michigan, and also any resident of that land). Its name, Ironwood, of course, came from the mines established in the 19th century Yooper.

Ashland, Wisconsin

Ashland, on the south shore of Lake Superior, is noted for its long time bookseller and for its murals. The nearby communities of Bayfield and Washburn look across the bay at this artful community.

Hayward, Wisconsin

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Situated near Lac Courte Orielles (pronounced La Cooter Ray) Ojibwa community, Hayward is a center of culture heavy on hunting, fishing, and harvesting (wild rice and forest goods). The warm summers and plentiful lakes bring people from as far as Chicago and Minneapolis.

I camped along the shore of Lake Superior, looking back on the south shore and Ashland. Heavy dew rolled off the lake but drying off was easy as the weather turned warm the next day.

Beyond the sailboat and the bay is Ashland. I used my belongings to mark my parking spot.

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