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Eat that Question: Zappa speaks from the grave.

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Why should you see this film? 
If you're like me, you have some misconceptions on music, 
art, artistry, creation, and America. Take a chance on change. 

A road trip calls for readiness.

Apple Store


“Hey, Doc, check out this ticker. Set to go? All right.”

Having the transport serviced, too, is important: tires, oil, lube, safety check.

But checking the phone out exceeds all else: Why go on a trip without links, communication, knowledge-gathering, and, above all, photographs. The iStore gave my old battery two thumbs up. It, they said, should out last November.

Author Jollymore blogs book tour on the road

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Come along in the spirit of Walt Whitman: “If you want me again, look for me beneath your boot soles.” Leaves of Grass

Head Shot Tree

Finns Way Books is preparing to bring you along with Tim on his  ADVENT OF ELIZABETH, 2016 Summer-Fall book tour through

  • 10 states
  • 42 bookstores
  • 60 libraries
  • 1 book fair


His literary adventure will include: