The Road Trip: Day Five

Posted: July 31, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

What is it about independent bookstores?

HomeThey are in your “neighborhood”

They employ your neighbors

Your neighbors are “book savy” and READ, too.

(click here to search for your nearest independent bookseller).

For an author like me, Indie stores are wonderful and keep their doors open to newcomer writers. They answer the phone when anyone calls, no matter what. Indie booksellers give  great recommendations for books right up your alley. They form, in very many towns throughout the nation, a community center where you can sip coffee, read books, and chat with other well informed people (like independently published authors). My current favorite:

Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I spent much of my Saturday meeting those who truly make Indie stores great: the customers, readers, and author-supporters who come in droves throughout the weekend. THANKS to a wonderful crew Emily and Ella and Sue (owner). It was great to be with you.

It was “Harry Potter Mania” day at the store which helped. But I wonder how anyone can work all day and then return at midnight to open my friend JKR’s latest treasure trove of adventure. I billed myself as the front man for Rolling.

A potpourri from the day:

The ADVENT OF ELIZABETH banner velcroed to my new three-step ladder. A breakfast still-life taken at the Steamboat Springs city park. Nebraska clouds at their finest. OBSERVATION HILL on facing side of the ladder.

  1. Michele says:

    Nice banner display method! Eye-catching, easy, and practical.
    A fine bookstore is The Book Juggler in Willits, CA. I’ll check for your book @ the end of this month.


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