The Road Trip: Day four

Posted: July 29, 2016 by timjollymore in On the Road

Denver Day

First, there’s Malcom, aged 16, a persuasive, gentle presence. No dog since Gypsy-of-the-top-set-eyes, our dog of the ’80s has touched the soft-spot animal-button of my psyche. My hosts left me alone my only night there and Malcom followed me first to watch me brush my teeth, the to change into my pajamas, saying with his eyes, “You’re not leaving, too, are you? Tell me you’re staying.”

I was staying but didn’t want to sleep with Malcom, so I closed the bedroom door. Before I turned page 13 of my book, Malcom was barking his raspy song of loneliness, just as my son had described it. It took only a touch to calm and reassure Malcom that I was still there. After that I left the door open. All was well. Here is why the little guy touched my heart:Day 4 10 Malcom Any doubt?

And if that is not enough, the tour de force from a dog equivalent to a 116 year old dude is what he leaves behind. Day 4 11 Malcom Diaper Malcom and his diaper.

Denver scenes and buildings in the Cheesman Park area:

and more with an added cautionary image on the importance of proper boulevard tree care and trimming.

And a final Finnish touch the mile high city which wouldn’t be complete without

Day 4 2

If luxury, fitness centers, pools and heated parking doesn’t do it, saunas will. RENT IT!

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