The Road Trip: Day One

Posted: July 26, 2016 by timjollymore in On the Road, Uncategorized

The book tour adventure begins:

You’ve packed, haven’t you? We all have. Pack for 106 days away from home, then. It could drive you to distraction.

I was not as calm as I looked at the beginning what with over-loading, Author Leavestire problems, book shipping, apartment cleaning, and saying good-bye (only for a long while) to my sweetheart. A tough but important decision was to leave my bicycle behind (too much weight). With all the time  I will save not riding, I can blog, read, and write. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s a snap shot of the Forester control panel:

Beginning mileage 179,001 //  the 6:15 time is a.m.

I was just about gone, only a trip to the nearest Peets Coffee, a stop at the bank, and a visit to Chevron. I took what I saw gassing up at the pump as a

Bossgood road trip omen. The Boss Hogg cares not where the road goes; he but makes his own, inscribing it over the force of the waves. Good luck with 2/100 HP outboards (not visible).

Currently, I’ve logged more miles than even a boss hog of the interstate should, 550, and have a few more to go before I sleep.Outside Salt LakeTonight’s destination across the salt flats short of  Salt Lake City is this place more mystical than the wake over the waves.


  1. Michele says:

    And I thought packing for ten days at camp – all my stuff plus entertainment for 6 girls in my unit – was daunting! Can’t imagine ten times that.


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