Eat that Question: Zappa speaks from the grave.

Posted: July 18, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

Why should you see this film? 
If you're like me, you have some misconceptions on music, 
art, artistry, creation, and America. Take a chance on change. 

  1. timjollymore says:

    Clearly, I’ve not written a thorough, thoughtful, or complete review of this very important and fine film.

    What Frank Zappa had been saying, unbeknownst to most, can easily now be heard above the current din of American life. I left the theater turning over his claim, “You are being dupped right now, and you don’t know it.”

    He said it gently, in a matter of fact manner, imputing no blame, merely as information. Hardly the crux of the film or of his life, it is but one or many surprising ideas that just could not be heard at the time, or, perhaps, even now. It is difficult to know what to do about it, that is certain.

    Zappa’s indictment of the American music business means something more than additional dollars for artists. His solution was simple: continue to create.

    It ‘s wonderful that this film pursues that course.


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