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The Road Trip: Day Five

Posted: July 31, 2016 by timjollymore in Uncategorized

What is it about independent bookstores?

HomeThey are in your “neighborhood”

They employ your neighbors

Your neighbors are “book savy” and READ, too.

(click here to search for your nearest independent bookseller).

For an author like me, Indie stores are wonderful and keep their doors open to newcomer writers. They answer the phone when anyone calls, no matter what. Indie booksellers give  great recommendations for books right up your alley. They form, in very many towns throughout the nation, a community center where you can sip coffee, read books, and chat with other well informed people (like independently published authors). My current favorite:

Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I spent much of my Saturday meeting those who truly make Indie stores great: the customers, readers, and author-supporters who come in droves throughout the weekend. THANKS to a wonderful crew Emily and Ella and Sue (owner). It was great to be with you.

It was “Harry Potter Mania” day at the store which helped. But I wonder how anyone can work all day and then return at midnight to open my friend JKR’s latest treasure trove of adventure. I billed myself as the front man for Rolling.

A potpourri from the day:

The ADVENT OF ELIZABETH banner velcroed to my new three-step ladder. A breakfast still-life taken at the Steamboat Springs city park. Nebraska clouds at their finest. OBSERVATION HILL on facing side of the ladder.

The Road Trip: Day four

Posted: July 29, 2016 by timjollymore in On the Road

Denver Day

First, there’s Malcom, aged 16, a persuasive, gentle presence. No dog since Gypsy-of-the-top-set-eyes, our dog of the ’80s has touched the soft-spot animal-button of my psyche. My hosts left me alone my only night there and Malcom followed me first to watch me brush my teeth, the to change into my pajamas, saying with his eyes, “You’re not leaving, too, are you? Tell me you’re staying.”

I was staying but didn’t want to sleep with Malcom, so I closed the bedroom door. Before I turned page 13 of my book, Malcom was barking his raspy song of loneliness, just as my son had described it. It took only a touch to calm and reassure Malcom that I was still there. After that I left the door open. All was well. Here is why the little guy touched my heart:Day 4 10 Malcom Any doubt?

And if that is not enough, the tour de force from a dog equivalent to a 116 year old dude is what he leaves behind. Day 4 11 Malcom Diaper Malcom and his diaper.

Denver scenes and buildings in the Cheesman Park area:

and more with an added cautionary image on the importance of proper boulevard tree care and trimming.

And a final Finnish touch the mile high city which wouldn’t be complete without

Day 4 2

If luxury, fitness centers, pools and heated parking doesn’t do it, saunas will. RENT IT!

The Road Trip: Day three

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The miracle of radio and telephone?

My second novel, Observation Hill, a novel of class and murder, nominated for the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards this year, 2016,  drew some media attention which culminated today in a live interview with Lisa Johnson of KUMD (miracle)-radio 103.3 FM in Duluth. If you missed the live broadcast, you can still tune in through otra milagra de vida modernaTHE CLICK.  (Scroll past the book’s cover to the play button).

My studio was Aunt Marylyn’s patio on this fresh Colorado morning. Via the miraculous cell phone, Lisa posed her extemporaneous questions (fresh to me), and I,  well rested as a cat on the pavement, from my sleep in a honest-to-goodness bed did as well to supply the answers.

The first review came from a reader in Duluth who, trimming trees from the roof of an apartment building on 15th Avenue East at the time, accidentally tuned in. “You did good,” he texted (yet another wonder).

The road events may speak for themselves:

Note: The state of Colorado shows its pride in the first pic, No Name Rest Stop (mile post 119 on I70) by constructing walls and building from natural stone found nearby. The veranda stone matches the bluffs in the upper left of the picture.

My wonderful Aunt (best friend to my mother, Elizabeth) showed me the town, Grand Junction. She treated me like Italian royalty–is there such a thing–at Il Bistro Italiano.

We took a short art tour of Grand Junction looking at the civic sculptures. The bare breasted Venus Rising (not pictured) has raised the hackles of at least one vociferous grandmother, “I won’t bring my grandchildren down here to see this!” I think she meant “these.” Of the others pictured here you can decide for yourself which I liked. I’m pictured

at “Chrome on the Range” with my Aunt Marylyn.

The Road Trip: Day two

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Metaphors to travel by


I’ve been thinking that doing a book tour, or any extended tour by car, is very much like writing a novel. In this world of exactness and science, let me extend you a metaphor on this subject. The elements of a novel are all the belongings you truck along with you on your tour: On the one hand character, theme, plot elements, setting, chapters and all; on the other hand camping gear, food stuffs, cooking utensils and stove, appearance clothing, cold-hot-wet weather clothing, books to sell, and books to read [I’ve picked up Richard Cohen’s HOW TO WRITE LIKE TOLSTOY]. Look at this:


Back lid coffee box


Getting the picture?

All right. You pack (see Day one) but not everything fits exactly as it should, for instance your coffee box doesn’t carry all the paraphernalia, so a pound of Peets is stowed in a back pack. Does honey go in the coffee box or the food box? Where in the heck do you put your .81 Asprin. For God’s sake you can’t forget to pop one-a-day, can you.  Listen: As you write a novel, you must rearrange things, sometimes whole chapters, sometimes scenes, sometiimes “times” events occur. You don’t know yet, at the beginning of the writing, exactly which will be most important, which may be left behind. On the trip so far, I’ve moved my laptop from the front seat (a favorite “grab and go” location for theives) to, well, and undisclosable location.  Water rides up front with me, but also in the back. Should I keep fresh fruit in the front or in the cooler? We shall see.

Day 2 2

T. Statton, succulent


But for sure, T. Stanton, my succulent, gifted me by my daughter, Amy, rides shotgun. I’ve tipped T.S. twice in two days, but where else could he get his quota of sunshine?



Objective: this is NOT metaphorical: STAY ON THE ROAD. Don’t text, don’t read fb or email, and keep the ship on this side of the dotted line. In other words, keep your eyes on the road.  A few examples (roll-over captions).

The logistics: Day one – Alameda to west of West Wendover (CA and NV). Day two – in two hops, West Wendover to Provo to Grand Junction (UT and CO).

Finally, it is hot. That is not a complaint, but perhaps I should file one on behalf of this juniper outside of Green River, UT, which has to brook temperatures from subzero to 110 F. Day 2 8

Whew! That’s hot, just 98 at noon.

The Road Trip: Day One

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The book tour adventure begins:

You’ve packed, haven’t you? We all have. Pack for 106 days away from home, then. It could drive you to distraction.

I was not as calm as I looked at the beginning what with over-loading, Author Leavestire problems, book shipping, apartment cleaning, and saying good-bye (only for a long while) to my sweetheart. A tough but important decision was to leave my bicycle behind (too much weight). With all the time  I will save not riding, I can blog, read, and write. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s a snap shot of the Forester control panel:

Beginning mileage 179,001 //  the 6:15 time is a.m.

I was just about gone, only a trip to the nearest Peets Coffee, a stop at the bank, and a visit to Chevron. I took what I saw gassing up at the pump as a

Bossgood road trip omen. The Boss Hogg cares not where the road goes; he but makes his own, inscribing it over the force of the waves. Good luck with 2/100 HP outboards (not visible).

Currently, I’ve logged more miles than even a boss hog of the interstate should, 550, and have a few more to go before I sleep.Outside Salt LakeTonight’s destination across the salt flats short of  Salt Lake City is this place more mystical than the wake over the waves.