Listener in the Snow has won honorable mention at the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Awards which honors small and independent presses which produce meritorious and memorable works.

The Eric Hoffer Award,, honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing, as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. Since its inception, the Hoffer has become one of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses.

Hoffer was an important philosopher in the ancient tradition as he was a dock worker and labor figure as well, a philosoph who never ascended much lest occupied the ivory tower. He kept both feet planted on the ground, and like Tatty in LISTENER adhered to “sisu” and to “the baking of life’s daily bread.”



Thanks to readers

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My heartfelt thanks to my blog readers, many of whom have made the first three days of LAKE STORIES AND OTHER TALES a great success. Remember: Indies First, your local bookstore will love you.


Lake Stories and Other Tales

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Ask your independent bookseller for this book. RELEASE DATE – May 1, 2017.

Good cover-front-only reading!

Author, now Author and Publisher

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COVER ONLYThrough my imprint, Finns Way Books Listener in the Snow, Observation Hill, The Advent of Elizabeth, and, now Lake Stories and Other Tales are out there for you to read. Finns Way Books deals direct, or if you want to obtain the title through a local book store, simply click INDIES FIRST logo on any book page.

I am happy to announce our first outside book, The Glory Road by Bruce Coyle:

The Glory Road is a tender and important story for our own times as well as the 1930s in which it is set. The lad, Justin’s acceptance of race, death, absence, and the harshness of American society grows as he works through the loneliness of his mother’s disappearance following fast on his father’s death. He finds consolation in the care and watchfulness of Waters, his fathers best friend, the sole African-American anywhere near the little town of Glory. Though Justin’s Uncle Hal isn’t much help emotionally, he at least provides a home for both Justin and Waters. Justin’s emotional support and nurture come from his new best friend, Wiley, and a sweetheart, Annie who proves the goodness of the town folk despite a few hardened, angry individuals. This is a picture of rural America snapped at a time just prior to the A-Am diaspora during and following WWII. The story is wonderfully authentic in its detail, and heart-rending in its realism of a life more akin to our modern times than one might think. A lovely and compelling read.

The book fits the Finns Way Book profile exactly. “Finns Way Books promotes titles of wide literary and personal interest. We favor books that may have been overlooked by harried agents and publishers jammed by the tyranny of the market.” In plain words, we publish books about people like ourselves and our neighbors. Jack London’s “big men” have a hard time making their way into our books.

LAKE STORIES AND OTHER TALES will be released May 1, 2017. But visitors can read the samples here:


The Open Road

Take the Bus

Wolves Dance

Review this book, please

based on the stories and poem.